Not the end yet..

                                                                 IT'S FAR FROM THE END..
We're right now in the 16th Grand Prix into the season.. from Melbourne to The Buddh, Noida, and with just 4 races left for this season,  all that we've figured out is that , F1 2012, is an illusion. A mere illusion that plays not just with our eyes but also with our temporal sulcus and more importantly, our betting skills!! We're perplexed! not being able to judge or decide on what will or might happen in the race and who'll survive and emerge winner of all 24. Well, all I can say is this: Readers, THIS is FORMULA ONE 2012. 

With a blowing start of 7 different race winners in 7 races from 5 teams- and that's astounding  - A never-ever seen before in F1 had just happened. Soon within the 8th race at Valencia, the driver with the prancing horse, Alonso took his 2nd win and cut the chain from growing any longer in that direction. 
2012 has so far given us many surprises, other than the rule changes - that turned the cars into platypuses, It also showed that the gap between the mid-field and top-field cars is very small.. at least, for the first half before heading off to the summer break it showed that - with Nico Rosberg, Pastor Maldonado and Sergio Perez beating the bulls and McLarens at some stages. Add to that -  the tyres .. This year's tyre supplier Pirelli has added a new challenge to the drivers, which means, tyre management is a very very crucial chapter of the race. There were brief moments with all the fans around the world, where they went into thinking -"Whoever lures the tyres into working better, ends up in podium" - well , you also have got to be the best tyre-tamer this season.  Even Michael Schumacher , the 7 time world champion and Jenson button , 2009 world champion, had a tough time with these tyres. But at the end, they're F1 drivers, and they eventually got the hang of it - the 'tame-game'. Every mid-field team is doing well. Force India is one such team. Although they haven't tasted champagne this year, both drivers Nico Hulkenberg and Paul DiResta have scored good points for the team . Their time is yet to come, but for sure will. 

The  World championship took  whole different shape after the summer break in August. The title was still wide open, but narrower than before   because of a mind-blowingly exciting start to the season and strong pace from mid field cars. But the first to be back in form right away from the break were the McLarens. With 3 out of 3 race wins after the break, they were the team to beat. But the sweet taste of success rarely  lasts forever in a game where no man waits for time.. The reigning world champion - Sebastian Vettel swooped into winning the Singapore Grand Prix after reliability issues struck Hamilton's car. RedBull is the team to talk about now. Vettel, whose  car at the beginning of the season was not strong enough to match the pace of its rivals, Ferrari and McLaren, suddenly found that missing element to make rest of the season a masterpiece by RedBull.  

The RedBull 1-2 victory  in korea was again an “unseen” in this 2012 season. More importantly this big chunk of points for Sebastian and RedBull has lifted him and the team into leading both championships more importantly leaving McLaren have their fingers crossed as to their further performance.
One of the biggest news before the season started was about Kimi Raikkonen’s return to F1, in a lotus. So far, Kimi hasn't had a race win , but his consistency has kept him in 3rd position though he has the trouble of  Lewis hunting him down. As of now, before the Indian Grand prix, from a wide open championship at the beginning it is now just a 2 man championship, Between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso – Both competitive 2 time world champions looking for their 3rd title.

Around the world, from Australia, to a brief of Asia, onto a long time in Europe, to Asia and finally to America, the teams, drivers have a come a long way, with some enjoying success over success, some teams and drivers knowing they’re getting better like our very own Sahara Force India and with some drivers not having a very good season like talented newcomer Romain Grosjean.  Now we’re at a stage where one side can checkmate the other . The 2nd airtel Indian Grand Prix is soon underway, with RedBull looking very strong, and Ferrari vowing to attack. But the checkmate is far from close! This is Formula one 2012, the most unpredictable we've seen in years with possibly the harshest of penalties and a season  where anything can happen anywhere.. this isn’t the end, it’s a showdown to the end. 


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