King of the Ring - Sebastian Vettel

King of the Ring
Immensely talented and extremely young Sebsatian Vettel heralds a new race of drivers, in a sport known to be the art of serious strategy and talent. World champ 2010 and 2011, showcasing yet another amazing season, along with two new set records! youngest ever back to back world champion and a record of 15 poles (Beating Nigel Mansell's 14 poles. in the Sao Paulo GP). He's been compared heir apparent to 7 time world champion and legend Micheal Schumacher. Recognition's come Vettels' way due to the strong mentoring that Red Bull has provided. He's been consistent, focused, has been working hard to come up to a good position. 2011 is sill in our fresh memories. The roller coaster season has been full of ups and downs, with a lead win from start to finish in the Indian GP to the worst race for the RedBulls at the yas marina, Abu Dhabi. The 24yr German's set his position on top of the table at 490 points putting a HUGE gap of 100 points between himself and Jenson button - who was down at #2. Seb's set the competition to a much higher level in terms of talent, technology and strategy. This is what Vettel had to say when he was asked about his success with the redbulls -
(with the glimmering billion dollar smile) " We seem to enjoy what we do. Its nice every weekend to come into the garage, see the boys with a smile on their faces, being happy with what the do. I think one thing about us, you walk into the garage, I think even as a guest, and you'll get the feeling we really love what we do.". The world champions' secrets' revealed guys.. take it!

Source: FIA post race interviews.


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